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Convert your hot water heater now and save money!

Did you know that the hot water heater is one of the largest users of electricity in your home? That's why Toronto Hydro is eliminating the “flat rate billing” option on its bills and strongly suggesting hot water conversion to its customers.

How do you know if you are on a flat rate billing option?

Check your Hydro Bill. If you see “Un-metered Water Heater Service” then you are on a flat rate plan.

Why convert to metered billing?

The reasons are simple: not only does the conversion make your billing more accurate, it is the Hydro's hope that in this environmentally conscious age, it will encourage you to be more responsible and conserve energy. Toronto Hydro believes that if you see how much you are actually spending on electricity it will inspire you to monitor and reduce your usage significantly.

Ready to convert? Choose an ESA approved contractor!

Toronto Hydro strongly recommends that you use an ESA (Electrical Standards Authority) approved, licensed electrician to perform this conversion. The ESA is an Ontario based, government regulated organization that monitors the standards and inspects the work of approved contractors in its jurisdiction.

Tesla Electric specializes in Hot Water Conversions.
With over thirty years of residential and commercial electrical contracting experience in the GTA Tesla Electric can make your conversion as simple as possible. Since Toronto Hydro introduced the hot water conversion plan, Tesla Electric has performed over 500 conversions to metered service, safely and efficiently.
A Simple Process...
A Tesla Electric licensed electrician will enter your home, disconnect the water heater control wire(s) in your electrical panel, then either install a circuit breaker or re-wire the water heater switch so the water heater is connected to your main electrical panel supply.
Quick, efficient conversions.
The conversion usually takes a couple of hours. Once the work is completed, the Tesla electrician will contact ESA to have the work inspected. Once approved, Tesla will provide you with a certificate of proof so you can inform Toronto Hydro. Your billing will then be converted to metered service.
Ready to convert? Contact us now.
A hot water conversion can save you money and make your home more efficient. Many consumers report savings almost immediately. So if you’re ready to convert, contact Tesla Electric now to discuss your hot water conversion and receive a free, no obligation quote.
For more info about your hot water conversion, give us a call at 416-535-5845.