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Do you have Knob & Tube wiring in your house? If so it could be an accident waiting to happen. 

Old wiring is not only inefficient but poses a serious fire hazard.

The old knob and tube system was originally designed to carry modest currents. Back in the 30's, 40's, and 50's, when they were installed, the most common need for electricity was for lighting circuits.

Today, the electrical demands for the average family are considerably greater.
More items such as microwaves , air conditioners, toasters, and computers will be plugged into the outlets drawing more electricity.

Usually, the needed current is greater than what the knob and tube wiring was designed for.
Even if you have upgraded your service, the additional demand can overload this old wiring. It becomes a very significant fire hazard and is one of the leading reasons that knob and tube wiring should be replaced in a lot of homes.

And did you know that many insurance companies are refusing to renew policies on old homes unless the OUTDATED KNOB AND TUBE wiring is replaced.

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