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MR16 Lighting For Potlights - Tungsten Halogen MR16 Lamps

The MR16 is part of the family of incandescent tungsten halogen lamps. An incandescent lamp contains a tungsten filament through which electric current passes. This heats the filament until it becomes incandescent and produces light.

The combination of the halogen gas (bromide, iodine) around the lamp filament produces a halogen cycle which re-deposits evaporated tungsten back onto the filament. As a result,the lifespan of the lamp is greatly increased.

The MR16 lamp works with low voltages such as 12V or 24V (in Europe) and requires a specific power source using a magnetic transformer or electronic converter to lower sector voltage. The lamp features a dichroic reflector to filter infrared rays.


Because MR16 lamps have a very long lifespan, they can be installed in low-maintenance locations such as high ceilings.

They are often used for commercial applications and are very much appreciated by designers. Tungsten halogen lamps are prevalent in museums to highlight artwork and in restaurants to make food look appetizing.


The average lifespan of MR16 lamps is 3000 hours, but some models can reach up to 20,000 hours.


It is possible to add a dimmer control to this product but it requires a specially designed dimmer offering a range of 1% to 100%.

Color temperature

The color temperature of these lamps is 3000K; they produce a warm light eminently conducive to creating a muted atmosphere. However, they operate at higher color temperatures than incandescent lamps and are renowned for producing cooler light colors.

The use of a dimmer decreases the color temperature of the lamp, resulting in more yellowish light. This also increases the lifespan of the lamp.

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